GBA is a platform that provides personalized astrological guidance focused on education, job, and business-related matters. Our team of qualified astrologers uses scientific insights to help you make informed decisions in your professional journey.

GBA stands out by relying on scientific rigor, objective and evidence-based responses, and a data-driven approach. We do not provide subjective advice but base our guidance on precise calculations and planetary positions.

No, you don’t need any prior knowledge of astrology. Our astrologers provide easy-to-understand insights that anyone can benefit from.


GBA offers services in various areas, including Business Ventures, Career Transitions, and Education Pathways. We provide astrological insights and guidance specific to these domains.

We assess astrological indicators for success and offer guidance on the optimal periods to start or expand your business. Our insights can enhance your business strategy.

GBA analyzes planetary positions to offer insights into the right timing and potential outcomes of your career transitions. This can help you make informed decisions about job changes.

Our astrologers can guide you in choosing the most favorable educational paths based on your birth chart. We consider your cosmic makeup to help you make informed choices.

How It Works

You can easily submit questions related to Business, Job, or Education through our platform. We also provide sample questions for each category to help you get started.

To receive a personalized astrological analysis, you’ll need to provide your accurate birth date, time, and location. This information forms the foundation of our insights.

Our astrologers perform an in-depth analysis of your birth chart, focusing on career-related aspects. You’ll receive professional responses to all your questions, along with supporting calculations and evidence.

Why Choose Us

GBA specializes in career-centric astrology expertise, offering a deep understanding of cosmic influences on education, job changes, and business ventures. Our commitment to scientific rigor and data-driven insights sets us apart.

We provide responses in a professional report format. We also cite relevant text and offer supporting details for our responses whenever possible.

At GBA, we understand that every journey is unique. Our astrologers provide tailored insights, considering your individual astrological makeup and current life circumstances.

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